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since 1961     CEO. M. Kusch

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ABOARD made by Messi&Paoloni
AIRBORNE 5 made by Messi&Paoloni
AIRBORNE 10 made by Messi&Paoloni
AIRCELL 5 made in Germany
AIRCELL 7 made in Germany
Aircom Premium made in Germany
Chicken-ladder made in USA
CALORIX 10 made by Messi&Paoloni
Dipole wire made in Germany
ECOFLEX 10 made in Germany
ECOFLEX 10 PLUS made in Germany
ECOFLEX 10 HEATEX made in Germany
ECOFLEX 15 made in Germany
EXTRAFLEX BURY .400 made by Messi&Paoloni
H 155 made by Belden (NL)
H 2000 Flex made by Belden (NL)
H 2000 FLEX FRNC made by Messi&Paoloni
H 2005 made by Messi&Paoloni
H 2007 made by Belden (NL)
H 2010 made by Messi&Paoloni
HIGHFLEXX 7 made by Messi&Paoloni
HIGHFLEXX 7 FRNC made by Messi&Paoloni
HIGHFLEXX 7 PE made by Messi&Paoloni
HyperFlex 5 made by Messi&Paoloni
HyperFlex 10 made by Messi&Paoloni
HyperFlex 13 made by Messi&Paoloni
HyperFlex 13 FRNC made by Messi&Paoloni
PTFE-Kabel made in EU
RG 11 A/U made in Germany
PRG 11 C/U made by Belden (NL)
RG 58 CU MIL made in Italy



Prices connectors and adaptors


prices of our coaxcables



H 2000 Flex® is one of our best 10,3 mm product for high frequency.

H2000 Flex was developped in 1995 from both, Friedrich Kusch and Belden Europe.

We also developped a wide range of premium quality connectors for H 2000 Flex and all our other cables.

(e.g. 7/16, N; BNC; TNC; SMA; UHF-Norm)

And to make it even easier for our customers we made

step by step picture assemblies guide how to correctly

assemble our cables and connectors.


For orders and enquiries from commercial, industry, government or department customers

please mail us under

by phone 0049 231 25 72 41
by fax
      0049 231 25 23 99


We assemble all types of coax cables with connectors, made to your own personal specifications: